Viral TikTok Christmas Tree: How 2 Create Your Own Trending Holiday Decor

The Viral TikTok Christmas Tree has taken social media by storm this holiday season. This artificial pre-lit and pre-decorated Christmas tree has become a sensation on TikTok, with users showcasing the tree’s stunning features and sharing their excitement about adding it to their holiday decor.

The tree comes in various sizes, including 7’5 feet, 9 feet, and 12 feet, with an option for either full or slim.

One of the reasons why this Christmas tree has gone viral is its ease of use. Unlike a real tree, it comes already assembled and decorated, saving users hours of time and effort. Moreover, the tree includes a remote control for users to adjust various lighting options, such as color and brightness.

With over 2,000 color-changing LED lights, the tree promises to be the perfect addition to any holiday decor.

The Viral TikTok Christmas Tree has become so popular that it has been featured in various publications, including The Spruce, MSN, and Canadian Living. The tree’s popularity is not surprising, given its stunning appearance and ease of use.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s no wonder that so many people are eager to add this tree to their homes.

Viral TikTok Christmas Tree Trend


The viral TikTok Christmas tree trend started in late October 2023 when a user posted a video of a Home Depot Christmas tree with the caption “You need this tree in your life.” The video quickly went viral, and other users started sharing their own videos of the tree.

The mentioned tree is a synthetic grand duchess balsam fir Christmas tree standing at a height of nine feet and is priced at $500. The tree has memory wire branches, making it easy to shape, and it comes with 50 built-in lights.


The viral TikTok Christmas tree trend has become incredibly popular, with users all over the world sharing videos of the tree. The tree has been featured in several news articles, and many people have purchased it for their own homes.

The popularity of the tree is due in part to its unique design and the fact that it is easy to set up and decorate.

Many users have praised the tree for its realistic appearance and the fact that it is a great alternative to a real Christmas tree. The tree has also been praised for its durability and the fact that it can be reused year after year.

Overall, the viral TikTok Christmas tree trend has taken social media by storm, and it shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re looking for a unique and easy way to decorate your home for the holidays, the Home Depot Christmas tree may be just what you need.

NameViral TikTok Christmas Tree
DescriptionA trending TikTok challenge involving a Christmas tree
OriginTikTok, a social media platform
ObjectiveTo create a fun and creative Christmas tree display
ParticipantsTikTok users, Christmas tree enthusiasts
Duration1-2 minutes
FrequencySeasonal, typically around Christmas time
ChallengesCreating a unique and eye-catching Christmas tree display
RewardsVirtual rewards, such as likes and comments
Safety concernsNone, unless the tree is too large or unstable
Tips for successPlan your design, use creative materials, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

How to Create a Viral TikTok Christmas Tree

Materials Needed

To create a viral TikTok Christmas tree, you will need the following materials:

  • Artificial Christmas tree (preferably the T27 Christmas tree)
  • 50 in-built lights
  • 2,000 cluster lights
  • Remote control
  • Ornaments and decorations (optional)

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to create a viral TikTok Christmas tree:

  1. Purchase an artificial Christmas tree, preferably the T27 Christmas tree, which has 50 built-in lights in it. This tree has become a viral sensation on TikTok due to its easy setup and various light settings.
  2. Once you have your tree, you can add more lights to it for a more dramatic effect. Achieve this by utilizing 2,000 cluster lights and directing your attention to the tree’s central stem rather than its boughs. This will create a unique and eye-catching look for your tree.
  3. Use the remote control that comes with the T27 Christmas tree to change the different settings of the lights. This will allow you to create different moods and vibes for your tree, making it perfect for any occasion.
  4. Should you desire to incorporate some individual flair, you have the option to adorn your tree with ornaments and additional embellishments. Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that the T27 Christmas tree is already a striking centerpiece, so avoid excessive decoration.
  5. Finally, film your viral TikTok Christmas tree and share it with the world! Make sure to use relevant hashtags and engage with your audience to maximize your reach.

By following these simple steps, you can create a viral TikTok Christmas tree that is sure to impress. Happy decorating!

Impact on Christmas Decor Trends

The viral TikTok Christmas tree has already started to impact the Christmas decor trends of 2023. This tree is now favored by individuals looking to infuse a contemporary element into their customary Christmas decor.

The Home Depot Christmas tree has gained a lot of attention on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, with many users sharing their experiences with the tree.

The tree’s unique design, which includes 50 in-built lights, has made it a popular choice for those who want to add a bit of sparkle to their holiday decorations.

Furthermore, this tree can be put together and taken apart with ease, providing a convenient choice for individuals who prefer not to invest extensive time in arranging their Christmas ornaments. The tree’s sturdiness and cost-effectiveness have contributed to its popularity with customers.

The viral TikTok Christmas tree has also influenced the color schemes and themes of Christmas decorations. Many users have shared their ideas for decorating the tree, which includes using different color combinations and themes such as winter wonderland and rustic Christmas.

Overall, the viral TikTok Christmas tree has had a significant impact on the Christmas decor trends of 2023. Its unique design, durability, affordability, and convenience have made it a popular choice among consumers who want to add a touch of modernity to their traditional Christmas decorations.

TikTok Christmas Tree Challenges

The viral TikTok Christmas tree has become a challenge for many users on the platform. People are trying to recreate the perfect look of the T27 Christmas tree, which has become a holiday must-have.

They are sharing their attempts at decorating the tree, and some have even created their own unique versions.

One of the challenges is to find the T27 Christmas tree, which is hard to find in stores due to its popularity. Many people have been searching for the tree online and in stores, and some have even resorted to making their own version.

The challenge is to get the tree looking just as perfect as the viral TikTok videos.

Another challenge is to decorate the tree with the same level of precision and detail as seen in the viral videos. The tree is perfectly trimmed and decorated with lights to make it look stunning.

A few individuals have personalized the tree by incorporating various colored lights or distinctive decorations of their own.

The challenge has also sparked creativity in users who have created their own versions of the viral tree. Some have used alternative materials like paper or cardboard to create a more affordable version of the tree. Others have used real trees and decorated them in a similar fashion.

In general, the TikTok Christmas tree challenge has evolved into an enjoyable and inventive method for individuals to embrace the festive atmosphere. It has brought people together on the platform and has sparked a new trend in holiday decorating.

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