Talk Saxy: South Korean boy group RIIZE Lifetime Achievement.

The emerging male ensemble, RIIZE, under the banner of SM Entertainment, has stirred excitement in the music world with their recent release, “Talk Saxy.” Released on October 27th, the funky dance track features a catchy saxophone riff coupled with 808 drums, showcasing the group’s musical versatility and unique style.

Since its release, “Talk Saxy” has been receiving positive attention from both fans and music critics alike. The song’s confident and bold lyrics, delivered by members Wonbin, Eunseok, Sungchan, and Sohee, have been praised for their catchy and addictive quality.

Additionally, the music video for the track has been noted for its sleek and stylish visuals, showcasing the group’s impressive dance skills and dynamic stage presence.

While RIIZE makes its presence felt in the K-Pop realm, “Talk Saxy” stands as evidence of their rising acclaim and future promise. With its catchy rhythm and unforgettable lyrics, the track is bound to be cherished by fans for an extended period.

OverallSleeper hitDowngrade
Genrer&b grooveGrating sax loop
VocalsSmooth delivery“Rum pum pum” hook
InstrumentalFunk-infused guitarScreechy sax loop
TempoSteady rhythmNot as upbeat as past tracks
TitleTalk SaxyIronically, guitar is the most effective instrumental flourish

Understanding Saxy

“Talk Saxy” is a song by the South Korean boy group RIIZE. The track is characterized by its playful and flirtatious lyrics, which explore the excitement and euphoria of a budding romantic relationship. The song’s lyrics hint at a powerful connection between two people and promote transparent and sincere dialogue.

The song features an addictive saxophone riff and powerful 808 drum sounds, which give it a distinct and memorable sound. “Talk Saxy” is a dance song that is captured honestly and confidently unique to RIIZE. The group’s outfits and the nostalgic set design of the music video also contribute to the throwback sound of the single.

“Talk Saxy” by RIIZE has been creating substantial excitement following its launch. The group has topped iTunes charts around the world and has garnered attention for its confident and bold performance style. Both enthusiasts and those less familiar have conveyed their enthusiasm and curiosity about the retro-inspired track.

Overall, “Talk Saxy” is a playful and catchy song that showcases RIIZE’s unique sound and style. The track’s flirtatious lyrics and addictive sound make it a standout single that is sure to please fans of K-pop and dance music alike.

History of Talk Saxy

RIIZE’s latest single, “Talk Saxy,” has been making waves in the K-pop scene since its release. The song’s catchy melody and upbeat tempo have captured the attention of fans all over the world. But where did the inspiration for “Talk Saxy” come from?

According to SM Entertainment, the group drew inspiration from the smooth and sultry sounds of 90s R&B music. The members of RIIZE wanted to create a song that would pay homage to the genre while still putting their unique spin on it.

The result is “Talk Saxy,” a song that blends elements of R&B, pop, and electronic dance music (EDM). The track features a groovy bassline, funky guitar riffs, and a memorable chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head.

“Talk Saxy” is not only a testament to RIIZE’s musical talent but also their ability to experiment with different genres and sounds. This group has unquestionably established its presence as a significant entity in the K-pop sector, and “Talk Saxy” marks the start of their journey.

Fans of RIIZE can expect more great music from the group in the future as they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in K-pop.

Types of Saxy

“Talk Saxy” by RIIZE is a song that features a saxophone prominently in its instrumental. The saxophone proves to be a flexible musical instrument, adaptable to a range of styles, each offering its distinct musical expression. Here are some of the types of saxophone:

Alto Saxophone

Alto saxophones are the most commonly used saxophones in jazz, pop, and rock music. They have a bright, clear sound that can cut through a mix. The alto saxophone stands out as the prevalent choice of saxophone in marching bands.

Tenor Saxophone

Tenor saxophones have a deeper, richer sound than alto saxophones. Jazz and blues music frequently employ these instruments. Tenor saxophones are also used in classical music and are often featured in orchestras.

Baritone Saxophone

Baritone saxophones have the deepest sound of all the saxophones. They are often used in jazz and big band music to provide a low-end foundation for the other instruments. In classical music, baritone saxophones find usage and are frequently showcased in orchestral performances.

Soprano Saxophone

Soprano saxophones produce a sweet, high-pitched tone, and they find frequent application in jazz and pop music, adding a distinctive texture to the melodies. Additionally, soprano saxophones are incorporated into classical music compositions and are commonly showcased in orchestral arrangements.

In “Talk Saxy,” the saxophone used in the instrumental is most likely an alto saxophone. The saxophone provides a catchy melody that complements the vocals and other instruments in the song.

Playing Techniques

When it comes to playing “Talk Saxy,” there are several techniques that saxophonists can use to achieve the desired sound and style. Here are some techniques to consider:

Breathing Techniques

Breathing is essential when playing the saxophone, and it is particularly important when playing “Talk Saxy.” Saxophonists are encouraged to employ diaphragmatic breathing, characterized by taking deep breaths and expanding the diaphragm for optimal performance.. This technique helps saxophonists to produce a full, rich sound and to sustain notes for longer periods.

Fingering Techniques

Fingering is another crucial aspect of playing “Talk Saxy.” Saxophonists should use the proper fingerings for each note to ensure accuracy and consistency. They should also practice fingerings that allow them to play fast passages smoothly and evenly. For example, using alternate fingerings for certain notes can help saxophonists to play faster and more efficiently.

Articulation Techniques

Articulation refers to how saxophonists start and stop each note. In “Talk Saxy,” saxophonists should use a combination of tonguing and slurring to create the desired effect. It’s recommended that musicians to employ a nimble and rapid tongue for clear note articulation, along with utilizing slurs to achieve smooth and seamless note connections.

Overall, playing “Talk Saxy” requires a combination of technical skill and musicality. Saxophonists should practice these techniques regularly to develop their playing ability and to achieve the desired sound and style.

Maintenance and Care of Saxy

For saxophonists, it’s crucial to ensure the proper maintenance and care of their instruments. Here are some tips to keep your sexy in excellent condition:


Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime in your saxophone. After each use, it’s recommended to clean the interior of your instrument using a gentle cloth or a swab. You can also use a specialized cleaning kit that includes a cleaning cloth, a brush, and a cleaning solution. It’s important to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines when utilizing cleaning solutions.


Lubrication is vital to keep your saxophone working correctly. Use a modest quantity of cork grease on the cork joints to avoid dehydration. Apply a small amount of key oil to lubricate the keys and rods. Exercise caution not to apply too much oil to your instrument, as excessive oil can draw in dust and particles.


When you’re not playing your saxophone, store it in a safe place. Store it in its case to shield it from dust, moisture, and fluctuations in temperature. If you’re traveling with your instrument, use a hard-shell case to prevent damage during transport.


Should your saxophone require repairs, be sure to bring it to a skilled repair technician. Don’t try to fix it yourself, as you could cause further damage. Regular maintenance and repairs will keep your saxophone playing its best for years to come.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your saxy stays in excellent condition and continues to produce beautiful music.

Famous Saxy Players

The saxophone is a well-loved musical instrument found in a range of music genres, such as jazz, pop, and rock. Here, we present some renowned saxophonists who have made remarkable impacts on the music industry:

  • Charlie Parker: Charlie Parker, famously known as “Bird,” was an alto saxophonist in the jazz genre. He was one of the pioneers of bebop, a style of jazz that emerged in the 1940s. Charlie Parker’s groundbreaking improvisational techniques and virtuoso saxophone skills left a lasting impact on numerous jazz artists who followed in his footsteps.
  • John Coltrane: John Coltrane, known for his proficiency with the tenor and soprano saxophones, was a prominent figure in the world of jazz. He was known for his avant-garde approach to jazz, which incorporated elements of Indian classical music and free jazz. The jazz community regards Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” album as one of the most exceptional jazz records ever created.
  • Kenny G: Kenny G, a modern saxophonist recognized for his mellifluous jazz and mastery of the soprano saxophone, has achieved international fame by selling more than 75 million records. His album “Breathless” enjoyed tremendous commercial success, making it the top-selling instrumental album in history.
  • David Sanborn: David Sanborn is a jazz saxophonist who has played with many famous musicians, including Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, and Bruce Springsteen. Sanborn is renowned for his expressive performance style and his expertise with the alto saxophone. He boasts an impressive record, having clinched six Grammy Awards and delivered more than 20 albums to his audience.

These saxophonists have left a lasting impact on the music industry and have inspired many musicians to take up the saxophone.

Saxy in Popular Culture

The saxophone has been a beloved instrument across a wide array of musical genres, encompassing jazz, blues, and rock. It has also made appearances in popular culture, such as in movies, TV shows, and commercials.

One of the most legendary saxophone solos in the realm of popular music can be found in George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” The saxophone melody in this tune has become an emblem of the 1980s and remains recognizable even in contemporary times. “Careless Whisper” has seen renditions by diverse artists and has made appearances in both movies and television series.

In the movie “The Lost Boys,” the character played by Tim Cappello performs a memorable saxophone solo during a concert scene. This particular scene has achieved cult status and has been alluded to in various other films and television programs.

The saxophone has also been used in commercials, such as the famous “I Want My MTV” campaign in the 80s. The saxophone riff in the commercial has become an iconic part of MTV’s branding.

RIIZE’s new single “Talk Saxy” brings the saxophone back into the spotlight with its catchy saxophone riff. The song pays homage to the 90s era and adds a modern twist with its powerful 808 drum sounds. The music video features the members of RIIZE showcasing their vocals, rap, and dance abilities confidently and honestly.

With “Talk Saxy” topping iTunes charts globally, it’s clear that the saxophone still has a place in popular culture. RIIZE’s use of the instrument in their song shows that it can be used freshly and innovatively while still paying tribute to its roots.

Conclusion Talk Saxy

RIIZE’s latest single “Talk Saxy” has been making waves on the international music charts. The K-pop group’s catchy tune and 90s-inspired concept have garnered attention from fans all over the world.

With their confident and bold performance, RIIZE has shown that they are a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. The group’s talent and hard work have paid off, as “Talk Saxy” has topped iTunes charts globally.

RIIZE’s success with “Talk Saxy” is a testament to the power of good music and a strong concept. The group’s ability to capture the essence of the 90s while still delivering a fresh and modern sound is impressive.

Overall, RIIZE’s “Talk Saxy” is a must-listen for fans of K-pop and anyone who appreciates great music. The group’s talent and potential are undeniable, and it will be exciting to see what they have in store for the future.

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