Top 10 Women Boxers in the World: 9th is unexpected.

We celebrate the top female boxers in the world who have not only achieved remarkable success but also played a significant role in paving the way for future generations.


Boxing, once considered a male-dominated sport, has witnessed a remarkable transformation over the years. Women have shattered stereotypes and entered the ring with power and finesse, proving they are a force to be reckoned with.

Top Women Boxers in the World

The Rise of Boxing

From its early days, boxing has come a long way. Initially met with resistance, female boxers fought relentlessly to earn their place in the sport. Today, we see a surge in women’s boxing’s popularity, thanks to the courage and determination of trailblazers who refused to back down.

Pioneering Women Boxers

The early days of women’s boxing were marked by remarkable individuals who defied societal norms. Among them was Lucia Rijker, known as “The Dutch Destroyer,” whose prowess in the ring was awe-inspiring.

Another iconic figure was Christy Martin, whose fights captivated audiences and drew attention to women’s boxing on a global scale.

Modern Legends in Women’s Boxing

It gave rise to modern legends that continue to inspire generations. One such legend is Claressa Shields, a two-time Olympic gold medalist who holds multiple world championship titles. Shields’ dominance and skill have made her a formidable opponent in the boxing world.

Training and Dedication

Every successful boxer has a demanding training schedule and never-ending dedication.

The Physical Demands of Boxing

The life of a boxer is grueling, and the physical demands are immense. Endless hours of training, intense workouts, and sparring sessions push these women to their limits. Their love of the game inspires their ambition to succeed.

Mental Toughness and Discipline

Boxing is not just about physical strength; mental fortitude plays a crucial role. Top boxers have learned to control their emotions, stay focused, and develop a winning mindset. Their ability to handle pressure sets them apart from the competition.

Notable Achievements

The achievements of these extraordinary athletes go beyond their victories in the ring.

Championship Titles

Some elite female boxers have permanently inscribed their names by winning important championship titles. From the WBC to the WBA, these boxers have conquered it all. Their determination and skill have earned them the admiration of fans worldwide.

Olympic Success

Women’s boxing’s inclusion in the Olympics was a major turning point for the sport. The games witnessed breathtaking performances, and these female boxers showed the world what they could do, earning medals and recognition on the grandest stage of all.

Breaking Barriers

Through their perseverance, top female boxers have shattered barriers and carved out a space for themselves in a traditionally male-dominated arena. They have shown that gender is not a limitation and have paved the way for aspiring female boxers to follow their dreams.

Rising Stars

As the sport continues to grow, we see a new generation of young and promising talent.

Young and Promising Talent

Talented young boxers like Katie Taylor and Mikaela Mayer are making waves with their exceptional skills. Their dedication to the sport and rapid rise in the ranks have caught the attention of boxing enthusiasts worldwide.

Impactful Players

Beyond the ring, many female boxers have used their platform to advocate for social issues and inspire positive change. They have become influential figures and role models for women everywhere.

The Future of Women’s Boxing

As we look to the future, the prospects for women’s boxing are brighter than ever.

The Road Ahead

The world of women’s boxing is evolving rapidly, and the future looks promising. With increased support and opportunities, we can expect even more exceptional talent to emerge and redefine the sport further.


The development of women’s boxing has been marked by tenacity, success, and empowerment. Top female boxers have shown the world what it means to break barriers and shatter expectations.

Their courage and dedication have redefined the sport and inspired countless individuals. As we celebrate their achievements, let us look forward to a future where women’s boxing continues to thrive and flourish. By breaking through barriers, they’ve proven that strength knows no gender.

With each punch thrown and victory earned, they inspire generations to challenge norms and pursue their dreams relentlessly. As these remarkable athletes continue to rise, the future of women’s boxing shines bright, promising a legacy of empowerment, resilience, and triumph in the ring and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is considered the greatest female boxer of all time?
A: Claressa Shields is widely regarded as one of the greatest female boxers, with her impressive achievements and multiple world titles.

Q: What challenges do female boxers face in the industry?
A: Female boxers often struggle with limited opportunities, unequal pay, and battling stereotypes about women in combat sports.

Q: Are there weight categories in women’s boxing, similar to men’s?
A: Yes, female boxing has different weight divisions, ensuring fair competition based on fighters’ weight.

Q: How has the inclusion of women’s boxing in the Olympics impacted the sport?
A: The inclusion has brought more visibility to women’s boxing, encouraging participation and inspiring future generations of female boxers.

Q: What traits make a successful female boxer?
A: Successful female boxers possess a combination of physical strength, mental resilience, and exceptional technical skills.

Q: Can women’s boxing attract as much attention as men’s boxing?
A: Absolutely! With the rise of exceptional female boxers and growing interest in the sport, women’s boxing is garnering more attention and recognition worldwide.

Q: Who is No 1 female boxer in the world?
A: Mary Kom (India), Cecilia Braekhus (Norway), Katie Taylor (Ireland), Amanda Serrano (Puerto Rico), Jessica McCaskill (USA), Claressa Shields (USA)

Q: Who is the best women’s boxer right now?
A: Mary Kom (India), Cecilia Braekhus (Norway), Katie Taylor (Ireland), Amanda Serrano (Puerto Rico), Jessica McCaskill (USA), Claressa Shields (USA)

Q: Who is the famous female boxer?
A: Lucia Rijker: Known as “The Most Dangerous Woman in the World,” Lucia Rijker is a kickboxing and boxing champion

Q: Who is the female world boxing champion?
A: Heavyweight: Hanna Gabriels, Light Heavyweight: Hanna Gabriels, Middleweight: Claressa Shields, Light Middleweight: Terri Harper, Welterweight: Chantelle Cameron, Lightweight: Katie Taylor, Super Featherweight: Mikaela Mayer, Featherweight: Amanda Serrano, Super Bantamweight: Amanda Serrano, Bantamweight: Naoko Fujioka, Super Flyweight: Ibeth Zamora Silva, Flyweight: Naoko Fujioka, Light Flyweight: Yesenia Gomez, Minimum weight: Etsuko Tada

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